Each service has deep values of weaving the natural environment through learning spaces for children to explore, wonder and question.
As we pay respect to the natural land, the design of each centre plays a big role in acknowledging the land of the Darug Peoples- the traditional owners of the land.
Acknowledgement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives are deeply rooted within our environment, encouraging a foundation of cultural respect. Inspired by the traditions of yarning circles, our centres are calm and welcoming places; meant for storytelling and building connections. 
We also have a sustainable waterpark in each centre that serves as a place to connect, unwind and play.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." - A.H.

Our program is developed to encourage an understanding of the world around us and to teach the children how to be sustainable and care for the environment. 

At each centre, we work on project-based gardens that align with our multitude of influences from childcare theorists such as Reggio Emilia.

This is inclusive of vegetable patches, pets such as chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs!  

our childcare program

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