Creative Discovery

“Providing early education for children 0-5 years through love, nurture and play…”
Our program is intricately woven around the principles of ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’, drawing inspiration from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF V.2). We believe that each child is on a unique journey of discovery, and through our program, we strive to nurture their sense of self, connection with others, and their evolving identities. 
Curiosity is the compass that guides our program. We embrace children’s innate sense of wonder, encouraging them to explore, question and learn through a dynamic blend of STEM challenges, literature adventures, fine and gross motor exercises, and individual expression.

Our Program

Our program has 4 key phrases.

Practical Exploration
A journey of prioritising secure and respectful interactions fostering behaviours of trust, being and becoming.
Linguistic Exploration
A journey of language and literacy learning that prioritises skill and structure.
Cultural Exploration
A journey of discovering who each child is an individual whilst acknowledging the diversity of the world around them.
Sensorial Exploration 
A journey of STEM, artistic and individual experiences that encourage children to become enquirers and thinkers.
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School Readiness Program

Our School Readiness Program is crafted with keen focus on preparing children on their journey to ‘big school’. It recognises the potential of children as they embark on their early educational experiences. Our program focuses on individualised learning paths of each child. Foundational skills, socialisation and exploration are all part of our mainstream program; however, school readiness contains the advanced concepts of cognitive, social and emotional skills that align with school expectations. The program is designed to ensure a seamless transition for children progressing through to formal education.
The key components of this program are the following:
-Social and Emotional Development
-Literacy and Numeracy
-Physical Development and Coordination
-Critical Thinking and Creativity
We work in collaboration with our local primary schools to ensure a smooth transition; with children extending their learning beyond the centre through supporting visits!
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