Families may visit the centre at any time to meet with the staff and view our facilities. Recommended times are between 9.30am to 11.00am and 2.30pm to 4.00pm.

Contacting the center prior to a visit is recommended so we can arrange someone to show you around and explain enrollment procedures.

Families may join our waiting list at any time by phoning, emailing or visiting the centre. There is no cost to join our waiting list.

When a childcare place becomes available the centre will contact you to arrange a starting date, visits and enrolment procedures. January and February bookings can be made in advance as we have guaranteed places at this time.

A deposit is payable when starting care. The deposit amounts are $150.00 when attending 2 days and $250.00 when attending 3 days or more. This deposit is refundable when ceasing care. 2 weeks’ notice in writing must be giving when ceasing care or dropping days. This allows the centre the opportunity to contact parents on the waiting list to fill the position.

If your child has any special needs or if you have any concerns about your child’s development please notify the staff on enrolment. If an intervention service or support service is used or has been used in the past, please notify staff. The centres have access to support services that may be of assistance and a support worker if government approved. Some staff is trained in special needs so we will select the centre best suited to your child’s needs.

Many of our staff is bilingual which may also be beneficial when choosing which service to enrol your child.